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AMT-SYBEX, part of Capita Plc is delighted that our sister company Sigma Seven are involved in Capita’s sponsorship of CodeBase, the UK’s largest tech incubator. Opened in early 2014, CodeBase is already an iconic presence in the centre of Scotland’s capital and is home to more than 50 start-ups that have created 300 jobs. It is Europe’s fastest-growing tech incubator, with a mission to build and grow the next great tech companies. The partnership with Capita, running from January 2015, provides CodeBase with the funding to accommodate and support at least 10 new start-ups and create more than 100 new jobs at Argyle House in Edinburgh.

Sigma Seven, which was one of four small firms acquired by Capita this year are thrilled at the approach Capita have taken to their own growth:

Paul Reid, MD of Sigma Seven said

“Since becoming part of the Capita group earlier this year, we have already seen the benefits of having access to their pipeline and sales resource. Capita have an excellent track record of acquiring and then growing SMEs companies, and this is reflected in our business plan for 2016. Having founded Sigma Seven in Edinburgh, I am delighted to be part of the team supporting CodeBase’s efforts in developing Scotland’s emerging digital businesses.”

Sigma Seven, who have a strong history in the utility sector, has excellent synergies with AMT-SYBEX who have extensive experience in the energy and infrastructure markets. Sigma Seven’s product GeoField and AMT-SYBEX’s solution Fieldreach together offer a comprehensive mobile solution with GIS mapping capability into these markets.

Colin Challenger, Mobile Product Manager for AMT-SYBEX said:

“Capita have realised the unique capabilities of both AMT-SYBEX and Sigma Seven and their respective products. By retaining the strong company and product brands of both companies they are maximising their individual potential for growth as well as creating synergy benefits from their cumulative efforts.”

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