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As 2017 draws to a close, we look back on the year of Project Nexus, the update of Xoserve’s UK Link system which supports gas settlement and supply point administration on behalf of gas transporters. The delivery of the new IT system for the UK gas industry in June was the culmination of a huge transformation programme that affected all market participants in the gas sector.

This year, the AMT-SYBEX Affinity Suite has been implemented as the heart of the gas industry in the UK in the same way that it is in Ireland with Gas Networks Ireland managing dataflows for the central switching and settlement agents for gas.

The new system has been working well and should open up opportunities to increase efficiency and enable the gas industry to take full advantage of smart meter data. Whilst the project has had many delays we have seen a successful implementation with no major issues. The work that we delivered for Nexus has enabled us to engage in further crucial industry change discussions which we did with Xoserve on their Reliable Next Day Switching consultation.

During Project Nexus, AMT-SYBEX also worked with three new business to business energy suppliers (Corona Energy, Gazprom and Npower Business) to deliver a business solution which protects their core systems from changes brought about by Project Nexus thereby minimising the risk of stranded investment. The solution has enabled our customers to continue with their longer term, strategic business plans, while also being able to respond to the industry change, in line with industry timelines.

Matthew Rouse, Project Manager Npower Business, said:

“We have worked with AMT-SYBEX through the Project Nexus programme and we have now delivered an IT Solution using their Affinity Suite which provides a reliable and flexible solution for delivering this change.”

Our solution for these clients not only manages dataflows but also takes care of some of the new functions available under Project Nexus such as meter read tolerance validation which uses our meter validations module and meter reading database also used in our smart metering solutions.

We also have seen the release of our Nexus catalogue successfully rolled out into all our other clients.

Affinity Marketflow’s ability to manage the complexity of Nexus for both Xoserve and multiple suppliers demonstrates the flexibility of the software and offers an unrivalled gas market interaction platform across the UK and Ireland.