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Northumbrian Water has chosen AMT-SYBEX’s Marketflow product to manage their wholesale business interaction with MOSL’s Central Market Operating System (CMOS); the core IT system that underpins the Open Water programme, enabling business customers to switch their supplier. The CMOS will manage all of the electronic transactions involved in switching customers from their current Retailer(s) to their chosen provider.

Marketflow, a powerful industry dataflow management solution, uses centralised, flexible data catalogues to organise, validate and orchestrate data flow. Currently supporting over 35 million electricity and gas customers in the UK, Marketflow also underpins 85% of the gas market and 100% of the gas market in the Republic of Ireland.

Rob Weir, Account Director commented

“We look forward to working closely with Northumbrian Water to ensure the smooth operation of their interaction with the CMOS. Marketflow has already proven itself in large scale dataflow environments and this project will benefit from that experience.”

Nigel Watson, Programme Director at Northumbrian Water Group

“We chose Marketflow and AMT-SYBEX because of the experience of the company and the power and flexibility of the product. We expect that by working with such an experienced partner our interaction with the CMOS will be efficient and accurate.”