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26th June, London

AMT-SYBEX are delighted to be attending the inaugural Asset Information and Data Management for Smart Rail with our partners Ventyx. The event, due to be held in London on the 26th June, will discuss how the convergence of technology and infrastructure has the ability to transform our communities and economy while providing opportunities for business leaders to optimise asset performance and reduce cost.

Rail Asset Information website

More specifically, the event will focus on how the European rail sector are developing and implementing asset information strategies, managing data across multiple disparate systems and leveraging new technologies to succeed.

At AMT-SYBEX we have been working within the UK rail industry since 1998 and so understand the unique pressure associated with rising demand, the maintenance of high quality safety standards and coping with an ageing infrastructure. We know, through experience, that the solution to these issues will always have, at its core, the intelligent use of technology to provide an integrated platform for managing assets and work. We are currently providing these integrated solutions to Network Rail and Transport for London and will be showcasing these success stories at the event.