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Our client Kaifa, a Chinese global smart meter manufacturer, wanted to create an end-to-end smart metering solution to offer to markets worldwide. Before Kaifa could make these plans a reality, it needed to work out an efficient way to handle the huge amounts of data that would be generated by smart meters. According to Jackie Yan, Senior Manager of the metering division,

“While the hardware aspect of the solution presented no challenges for us, tackling the big data problem faced by many of our clients was outside our skill-set. We decided that the best – and fastest – option was to form an alliance with industry specialists.”

In July 2012, Affinity Meterflow®, the Meter Data Management application from AMT-SYBEX was integrated in Kaifa’s advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) solution for its global customers. Kaifa entered into a three-way partnership with AMT-SYBEX and IBM, building an innovative and efficient smart metering solution based on Affinity Meterflow and IBM® Informix® software.

With established client-bases in a number of different countries, Kaifa, AMT-SYBEX and IBM will all help each other access new markets, utilizing their in-country and industry expertise to launch Kaifa’s new end-to-end smart metering solution around the world.

According to Yan,

“We are confident that the Kaifa advanced metering infrastructure solution will help utilities and their customers gain greater control and visibility of their energy usage – and we are sure this will give them a competitive advantage. With IBM and AMT-SYBEX supporting us, we can expand our offering to maintain our position as a key global player within the smart metering arena.”

Andy Miller, Group MD of AMT-SYBEX, concludes:

“We are delighted to further build on our existing relationship with Kaifa. We have been impressed by the quality of their smart meters, their manufacturing capability and global reach, and look forward to working closely with them and also with our long terms partners in IBM, as the UK and rest of Europe step up the rate of deployment.”

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