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Electricity North West, Distribution Network Operator (DNO) for the Northwest of England, have signed a Technology License agreement with AMT-SYBEX. The License for the Affinity Suite will see Electricity North West grow its use of Affinity Fieldreach for mobile working, and operate additional software solutions from the enterprise suite to support the management of Smart Meter data. The overall solution will enable Electricity North West to deliver improved customer service and enhance business performance during the RIIO ED1 regulatory period.

The energy industry is poised to undergo a level of change unprecedented since privatisation. The RIIO-ED1 8 year regulatory period presents a complex picture for DNOs who are required to demonstrate how they will deliver more for customers, manage industry changes and mitigate risk. Running reliable networks, managing uncertainty and keeping customers informed are just some of the challenges presented to Electricity North West as a result of RIIO.

Addressing the challenges facing DNOs, Steven Bradwell, Business Change Manager at Electricity North West said,

“We want to deliver the best possible service to our customers. Operating a network is not just about substations and cables, it’s about the essential service we offer to everyone in our region. That means we need to improve our reliability and communication with customers, which in turn means improving the information flow from our field operations to our control room and contact centre.” Paul Geddes, Head of IT and Telecoms at Electricity North West commented,

“The partnership with AMT-SYBEX will help us meet the challenges of a low carbon economy and provide our field force with innovative digital solutions to deliver more for our customers and stakeholders.”

“We are delighted to have signed this new agreement with Electricity North West, who are a long standing and valued client, and look forward to helping them drive efficiencies and improve customer service in the years ahead” commented Andy Miller, CEO of AMT-SYBEX.

About Electricity North West

Electricity North West, operates and maintains the electricity distribution network in the Northwest of England, connecting 2.4 million properties, and more than 5 million people in the region to the National Grid.

About the Affinity Suite

The Affinity Suite is an enterprise level set of products built on a unique foundation of industry knowledge and technical innovation. Each product in the suite is designed to solve difficult industry problems, to be robust and flexible, and to stand up to real world enterprise-scale challenges.