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Electricity North West Limited (ENWL) has just completed an upgrade to the iOS version of Affinity Fieldreach from AMT-SYBEX. Fieldreach is a mobile solution that enables vital mobile processes including asset and work management and data capture.

Electricity North West Limited (ENWL), the distribution network operator for electricity in the North West of England currently use Fieldreach as their corporate mobile solution to enable them to capture condition data for all of their above ground assets. With the upgrade to the iOS version of Fieldreach, ENWL will extend the use of the system to comply with the Traffic Management Act (TMA). They have successfully concluded their field testing of the solution and are currently preparing to roll-out the software to additional 500 end users, extending the scope and population of Fieldreach users across their business.

ENWL will use Fieldreach for TMA photo evidence; capturing pictures of street work activities before, during and after completion, providing evidence of complying with the New Roads and Street Works Act (NRSWA) which is a legislative framework for street works activities. The key objectives of NRSWA which Fieldreach will help ENWL to comply with are:

  • ensuring public safety
  • minimising inconvenience to people using a street
  • protecting the structure of the street and the apparatus in it

Steven Bradwell, ENWL, commented

“We take our ability to comply with the NRSWA extremely seriously which is why we have made this investment. We are sure that Fieldreach will enable us to meet the regulations which will result in reduced disruption for the general public. Our initial roll-out of the upgraded software has gone very well. We are now eager to continue this roll out to all field operatives during Q1 & Q2 2014.”

Rob Weir, AMT-SYBEX, continued

“collecting data via the Fieldreach solution enables ENWL to continue to maintain and operate the network efficiently, successfully bringing electricity to more than 5 million people. We are delighted to successfully collaborate with ENWL to help them achieve their objectives.”