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AMT-SYBEX and Bord Gáis Networks have successfully completed an upgrade and re-platforming of the Gasmap solution, which provides the market interaction platform for the entire Irish, non-daily metered (NDM) gas industry. This represents approximately 95% of all gas points in the market.

The original Gasmap platform was implemented in 2008 and utilised the AMT-SYBEX product, DTS, in conjunction with Oracle JCAPS middleware. This provided systematic and controlled network messaging to the Irish gas market providing gas retailers (“shippers”) with a standardised method of communicating market process information with Bord Gáis Networks. This ensures equal treatment for all market participants and minimises barriers to market entry.

The Gasmap 2 platform upgrades DTS to the latest version of Affinity Marketflow and also migrates the entire solution to the IBM WebSphere platform.

Moving to this combination of IBM WebSphere; a proven server application system fully supported by IBM, and upgrading from AMT-SYBEX DTS to Marketflow provides two clear benefits to the market.

Firstly, resiliency; the WebSphere and Marketflow components operate over several servers which interact on an intelligent level. All components have high availability and when the system recognises a fault it will switch seamlessly to, for example, another server to preserve the integrity of data and ensure the smooth running of the network.

Secondly, the upgrade to Marketflow puts Bord Gáis Networks at the forefront of the utility market in relation to intelligent, market messaging technology offering superior levels of stability, flexibility and lower support overheads. In addition to Bord Gáis Networks, DTS/Marketflow is now in place in four of the “big six” energy retailers in the UK.

Conor Toal, Account Manager for AMT-SYBEX said

“We’re delighted that, working in conjunction with Bord Gáis Networks and IBM WebSphere, we were able to seamlessly deliver Gasmap2 for the Irish Gas Market. Marketflow is part of the Affinity Suite of products which has been designed to manage the increased data flows associated with the introduction of smart meters, and as a result has the capability to support Bord Gáis if they wish through the future evolution of the Irish energy market.”