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AMT-SYBEX’s award winning product Affinity Fieldreach has helped facilitate the completion of Network Rail’s millionth work order as part of their “My Work” app. Fieldreach, an enterprise level digital mobile solution, allows businesses to configure and deploy solutions in the field tailored to their specific requirements. Designed to enable key business processes including work management, asset management and data capture, Fieldreach pushes data back to a main repository for examination and knowledge extraction, in this case Ellipse.

However, it’s the unique scripting and workflow capabilities within Fieldreach which have allowed Network Rail to create a suite of apps designed to suit their needs. In this instance, the My Work app, has enabled Network Rail to issue and close work orders, helping them to accurately assess the condition of their assets, plan repairs, and conduct pre-emptive repair work. As a result, Network Rail has increased efficiency and also improved the accuracy of the data they capture; an integral target of the ORBIS programme, (Offering Rail Better Information Services).

Phil Hufton, Managing Director, Network Operations commented:

“This is a fantastic milestone and recognition that technology plays such a significant part in the way we improve our data accuracy and performance whilst eliminating labour intensive paper transactions. Since (we) closed the all-important work order earlier this year, the number of closed work orders has risen to 1.6 million.”

“This digital transformation being embraced by frontline teams is helping ORBIS develop the capability to deliver a more efficient and safer railway, both for passengers and the thousands of people that carry out critical maintenance work.”

Steve Smith, Mobile Work Management (MWM) Project Lead said,

“In the past we had teams filling out hundreds of forms with data while they were out on inspections and the data was not always logged. Now, the data goes directly into the system via the app. It’s instant, it’s accurate and it is accessible for future use.”

“Accurate data allows us to understand the status of our assets; this is taking us further towards our goal of more informed, predictive maintenance – to carry out intelligent maintenance work based on condition rather than time. “My Work” makes work so much more efficient. Teams can now access work bank data held in Ellipse via the app.”

Paul Ellis holding his prize for completing the millionth work order

Principal Track Officer Paul Ellis, from the Liverpool Delivery Unit (DU) Track Tech Team, was carrying out track maintenance work when he closed the all-important millionth work order.

Paul said:

“It’s interesting to see where we’ve come in such a short time. There might have been some scepticism when iPhones and apps started rolling out, but “My Work” in particular does exactly what it says on the tin – it’s more efficient and has reduced paperwork. From the start it was an easy to use, accurate and a convenient way to close out work orders at any time in any place … It’s the immediacy, accessibility and variety of data that we can access whilst on site that is making a difference …”

Andy Miller – CEO of AMT-SYBEX

“I am pleased that Fieldreach has proved so successful for Network Rail. The flexibility and scalability of the product means that our clients including Network Rail have been able to extend its reach across their network while tailoring it to meet their very specific requirements; this is what makes our product so unique. Congratulations to Network Rail, especially those involved in the ORBIS programme, we are delighted to have played our part.”

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