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As a result K2Fly will now be able to offer solutions, proven in the complex UK energy market, to address some of the biggest challenges currently facing energy companies in Australia. The partnership was formed early in 2017 with an agreement to resell AMT-SYBEX mobile solutions, Affinity Fieldreach and Affinity Geofield and has now been extended to include all products in the AMT-SYBEX Affinity Suite. The Affinity Suite is an enterprise level suite of products designed to help clients manage continually evolving business processes.

Developed over the past 20 years, the Affinity Suite of products provide powerful industry data management, as well as meter and networks data management. Marketflow was developed to manage the complex business processes related to retail customers switching from one energy provider to another. Meterflow controls the extensive data transfers from the roll-out of smart meters and is securely integrated with SAP offerings deployed by many major energy companies. Networkflow is used for active network management and smart meter visibility, and integrates with asset management, outage management and GIS systems.

Commenting on the partnership, K2Fly CEO and Executive Chairman, Brian Miller stated:

“AMT-SYBEX has a great reputation in Europe for successful implementations of complex business solutions. Some of the world’s largest energy companies use these technologies and AMT-SYBEX has delivered this award winning software to some of the biggest and the best. Australia is facing the “perfect storm” at the moment. The combined impact of deregulation, changing legislation and market uncertainty has led to the electricity and gas industries becoming a political football. Thankfully, the Affinity Suite products have a great track record in this space and we are delighted to be able to import these market leading software platforms.”

CEO of AMT-SYBEX, John McKeown, stated:

“AMT-SYBEX has delivered great benefit to UK and European energy clients, and we feel confident that the combination of our innovative software platforms and the K2Fly subject matter expertise will lead to many new and successful projects for us in the Australian marketplace in 2018 and beyond.”