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AMT-SYBEX is delighted to be exhibiting at this year’s Low Carbon Networks and Innovation Conference at the ACC Liverpool from the 24-26 November. Organised by the Energy Networks Association it promotes the work of the Low Carbon Networks Fund projects and is co-hosted by Scottish Power Energy Networks.
AMT-SYBEX will be showcasing some of our most innovative products, such as:

Our Smart Meter Data Management product, Meterflow® – developed to enable DNOs to meet the demands of the impending ED1 period when they will be required to receive and act on the data generated by smart meters. Meterflow manages the collection, validation, management, and dissemination of meter readings and events and also has the ability to carry out remote meter management for gas and electricity for both domestic and business customer types.

Our Affinity Networkflow® product – designed to store multiple data channels from smart meters, automatically process events, and send packaged, filtered or raw information to other systems. Networkflow is the most potent and efficient data management tool available to network operators.

Smart Meter Data Simulator – allows DNOs to test their systems ability to cope with the vastly increased amount of data expected to follow the adoption of smart meters. Our simulator product works by creating a logical model of the low-voltage distribution network – from the grid down to the substations, phases, and smart meters that have been connected. The simulated model can then be used to generate “dummy” meter data and mimic the live operations of the meter to simulate a range of scenarios.

Energy Storage, Optimisation and Control – We are working in partnership with UK Power Networks to manage the control and optimisation platform for their Smarter Network Storage programme. Our powerful Network Data Management product with its cutting edge demand forecasting, energy optimisation and commercial service scheduling capabilities optimises the value of a storage installation by scheduling a range of commercial services, whilst also maintaining, responding to, and respecting network constraints in its operation. This will exploit the value gained from energy storage and demonstrate its economic advantage over network reinforcement.

Please visit our stand C08 for information regarding any of these initiatives.