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Earlier this year, AMT-SYBEX initiated an improvement project to add a new quality standard to its existing portfolio of certifications. Consequently, the company sought independent certification of the compliance of its software development and support processes to the requirements of the new TickITplus quality standard. After a thorough and lengthy external assessment, the company was successfully registered as a certified, compliant TickITplus organisation.

ISO 9001 (2008 version) is the international standard for Quality Management Systems. TickITplus extends the requirements of ISO 9001 in order to make it more relevant to the diversity and complexity of today’s ICT software industry. Crucially, TickITplus adds a capability dimension to ISO 9001 and therefore provides registered organisations (such as AMT-SYBEX) with a clear progression and improvement path. Auditing and certification is performed by the independent certification body, DNV GL Business Assurance UK Ltd.

This successful certification is evidence of the company’s ongoing commitment to quality management, continual improvement and its ISO 9001/TickITplus certification. It also demonstrates the importance which AMT-SYBEX attaches to consistently providing quality products and services to its customers.