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With a key deadline in Ofgem’s Switching Programme approaching fast, Conroy Saunders of AMT-SYBEX surveys the market for Central Switching Services (CSS) adaptor solutions.

In January 2020, Ofgem will meet with the UK’s energy suppliers to discuss their plans to implement Faster More Reliable Switching – a transformation initiative that aims to enable customers to switch between gas and electricity suppliers much more quickly than ever before. Ultimately, domestic customers should be able to switch within a day, and business customers within two days.

To work with the CSS effectively, suppliers must find a way to enable the exchange of messages between the CSS systems and their existing billing, metering and market data flow platforms. Several vendors, including AMT-SYBEX, have recommended implementing a CSS adaptor solution to provide this new communication layer. Deciding on an appropriate solution for message exchange and evaluating the handful of vendors who can provide CSS adaptor functionality are now top priorities.

Of the half-dozen companies that have developed a CSS adaptor solution, very few have expertise in both large-scale deployment and dual-fuel solutions. AMT-SYBEX is one of the exceptions: our Affinity Marketflow solution and its predecessors have been managing both electricity and gas data flows for energy companies since 1996, and we currently support both hosted and On Premise Marketflow environments for a range of scales from 10s of thousands to millions of meter points As a result, if you’re looking for a truly safe pair of hands to help you steer your business through the CSS integration process in the months ahead, AMT-SYBEX is the only choice. We’ve proven that our technology works at scale, we have years of expertise in both electricity and gas data flows, and when challenges arise, we can put the full resources of our parent company Capita at your disposal.

Our CSS adaptor solution builds on the same technology platform as our industry-leading Affinity Marketflow software, but we’re making it available as a standalone product that both existing Marketflow users and new customers can adopt without any other dependencies. The adaptor itself runs entirely in the cloud, so there’s no infrastructure to purchase or install.

We’re also offering three different deployment options, all of which include the CSS adaptor: a technical adaptor that simply passes messages through to your back-end systems; a more sophisticated adaptor with message transformation capabilities; and a fully managed service that handles the entire messaging process from end to end—freeing you up to focus on other aspects of your Faster Switching implementation.

We know from our customers that there’s a real sense of urgency in the industry as the January deadline approaches. Don’t let the CSS adaptor be the missing piece in the Switching Programme jigsaw puzzle. Reach out to us today at and let us help you find the solution that’s right for your business.

We are holding a webinar in the coming weeks which will outline some of the key challenges faced by energy retailers and how the CSS Adaptor can solve these. To register for this webinar click the button below.