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AMT-SYBEX is a leading provider of software solutions serving the energy and water industries.

Here at AMT-SYBEX, we have spent the last 30 years working with energy suppliers, central market participants, water wholesalers and retailers to refine and perfect back-office processes for a software solution that helps make a difference for your business.

By validating data as it comes in and out of business systems, we have developed a solution to capture exceptions in data flows, giving you visibility to ensure peace of mind when it comes to critical data.

We have years of experience under our belts and want to use it to make your data processes as smooth as possible.

We serve customers across the globe and provide services to five of the old "big six" UK energy supply companies along with central gas data providers and deregulated water industries.

We have proven scalability through working with energy suppliers and data providers of all sizes to help reduce back-office costs, increase productivity and improve the reliability of processes. Through integration with multiple billing systems and central market systems, you can be confident in our software’s incredible flexibility.

With our industry experience and know-how, together with product longevity and our roadmap of investment, we can provide real value to your business.

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We help energy suppliers deliver to 35 million meter points every day

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30+ years of experience can help you to become more competitive, maintain healthy growth and protect you from unnecessary financial penalties

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Covering 80% of UK households

We've been working with the utilities industry for 30 years and we can provide real value to your business in an uncertain future.

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