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The simple and flexible implementation of our software can be either in the cloud or on premise. We will take your operational pains away by giving you greater visibility of all data. The increased visibility of your data will help to reduce your costs to serve for both meter-to-cash and wholesale processing.

We know that the energy retail market can be a difficult and volatile one. That’s why our software takes the headache of complicated, industry interactions away, insulating your business from the full impacts of enforced regulatory changes and participating in the market.

We’re here to help you avoid getting tied down in bureaucratic admin, so you can get back to focusing on looking after your customers to provide the best service.

We can offer comprehensive IT and business managed services that take away the hassle and complexities of IT provision along with the management of exceptions arising from complex data, the data your business needs to make sense of and to be effective in the market.

We recognise that the industry has long moved on from the days of the big six being the only energy providers. We have the industry knowledge needed to support new challenger brands as well as the big six and we’re keen to use this knowledge to help you to build a healthy, competitive market.

We truly believe in making industry processes work more efficiently and have used our experience to create a digital platform that provides flexibility within industry requirements.

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Simple Setup

The clear, simple set-up will keep data in one place, ensuring billing issues, customer service exceptions
and unnecessary fees can be reduced.


Market Interaction Management


Meter Data Management

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