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We truly believe in making industry processes work more efficiently and have used our experience to create a digital platform that provides flexibility within industry requirements.

It’s all systems grow if you’re an energy supplier, because our ‘pay as you grow’ SaaS price model makes our software even more accessible.

With this payment system, your bills won’t grow unless your business does.

You only pay for what you need on the basis of the number of meters you supply. It really is that simple.

Why pay for what you don’t use? This ‘pay as you grow’ system gives you flexibility and control over your spending, helping you to cut down on unnecessary costs.

Not only that, but our software takes away the complexities of keeping on top of industry regulations, changes and demands, so you can focus on your customers.

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Pay for what you need based on the number of meters you supply - it really is that simple.

News - AMT-SYBEX launches new pricing model... support the operations of the ‘challenger’ energy retailers.

AMT-SYBEX, part of Capita, has announced the...

News - Marble and AMT-SYBEX disrupting the Energy Market Together

MARBLE POWER LIMITED (part of the GFG Alliance) is the latest energy supplier to deploy Marketflow IPM, our industry leading Market Interaction Management software.

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